Balloon Birthday Card

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Inside greeting is blank. Show someone how much you care with this hand-crafted greeting card.

Hyacinth is a weed that clogs many of the major waterways in our world. They block sunlight from reaching other aquatic life and will quickly spread. Artisans in Bangladesh remove hyacinth from their local rivers and repurpose it. KICK Trading Ltd is a social enterprise organized to provide marketing services for local artisans in and around the city of Kisumu. The city, which is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, has a very high unemployment rate and a high incidence of HIV/AIDS. Kick’s objective is to promote fair trade values and products as they work with the disadvantaged. They strive to ensure that the artisans earn a decent wage by producing quality and innovative products made from recycled (mostly waste) material such as recycled wire, metal, soda cans, waste paper and water hyacinth. In addition to providing access to global markets, Kick also provides the artisans with emergency loans, training and counseling, as well as product development and design help.

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