Blue Peekaboo Chair

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These darling chairs are woven in Senegal using plastic twine and welded metal frames by talented African weavers. A tightly knit herringbone stitch makes the chairs durable and firm. A peekaboo design on the chairs' sides allows them to be stacked when not in use.

Sospenap, located in Dakar, is a plastic extruding and weaving factory. We have worked with Sospenap and their friendly staff since 2010. Their colorful plastics have helped us to further the production of hand-woven hampers and furniture that are crucial to the financial wellbeing of Senegalese artisans.


Length: 15.5"

Width: 11.5"

Height: 16"

Because this item is handcrafted, colours and designs may vary. Each piece is completely unique and might not exactly match the photo.

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