Coffee Colombian Decaf Dark Ground (Large Box)

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Level Ground Trading Colombia Single-Origin Decaf Dark Ground Coffee presents a delightful clean, full-bodied taste with fragrant hints of cocoa and a black currant. Level Ground Trading's products are also Certified Fair Trade, so their products benefit the local farmers who helped bring this wonderful coffee to you ! Try some of Spud's other wonderfully exotic organic coffee blends, such as , or with your breakfasts ! Feel free to try some of Spud's breakfast recipes as well, such as Carrot Apple Muffins. At Spud, we offer a local grocery delivery service, which makes these great products available conveniently to many regions of Vancouver Island, just check out our delivery page for more information on local delivery times and routes. This product traveled 18 km to reach our warehouse. Fair Trade ground decaffeinated coffee from small-scale farmers in Colombia. 5 lb. box.

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