This mid-size cotton Gyari duffel bag is the world's best airline carry-on! This cute and sturdy striped Gyari weave duffel bag would make a great gym, travel, or diaper bag! There is one large pocket on the front that zips closed and open pockets on either end for additional organization. The handles on this bag wrap all around the bag so the handles won’t rip out, even with a heavy load. The top of the bag zips closed.

Producer, Pema-la, fleed from Tibet at the age of 12 with little schooling and no money. As a refugee in Nepal, she taught herself to read and write in Nepali and learned how to knit and sew, all while caring for 6 younger siblings and tending to a father dying of cancer.


Length: 18"

Width: 17"

Depth: 8.5"

All products are measured in inches.

These bags come in a variety of assorted colours and stripes, leave a comment if you would like to view the bags we have in stock.