Recycled Tire Shoulder Bag

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This small recycled tire shoulder bag is sure to be a conversation piece while out having coffee with friends! This bag has a magnetic closure on the flap, adjustable nylon strap, cotton lined with three credit card slots, and a zipper pocket.

Did you know the common disposal method of tires in Nepal is burning them?! Producers from Ganesh Himal offered to purchase numerous tires in hopes of improving air quality. Today, producers have developed over 40 recycle tire products! Those who have been responsible for burning the tires, now have full-time jobs searching the Kathmandu valley for MORE tires! Unlike scrap rubber from factories, this rubber has seen many miles of Nepali roads making each one entirely unique!


Width: 6"

Height: 8"

Depth: 2"

All products are measured in inches.



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