Small Paper Gift Bag 6"

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Small reusable tree-free gift bag with assorted designs. Not only are they beautiful but they are also made from sustainably harvested Lokta which is native to the Himalayas. Lokta paper is an environmentally friendly, tree-free paper made from the bark of the regenerating Daphne bush. No gift bad is the same.

Originally used in Tibetan monasteries for sacred texts, the making of Lokta paper is a village tradition dating back thousands of years. Today, this ancient technique is used for official government documents in Nepal, as well as Ganesh Himal’s beautiful paper goods. The paper is naturally insect free and will last more than 100 years. The paper is sourced directly from the paper producers in the Baglung area of Nepal.


Length: 6"

Width: 4"

Because this item is handcrafted and upcycled, colours and designs may vary. Each piece is completely unique and might not exactly match the photo.

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