Stash Kaisa Laundry Hamper

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Carefully woven from Kaisa grass this sturdy laundry hamper with lid can do anything from holding your laundry to storing extra bedding or clothing. Just think of the possibilities for ethically and aesthetically storing a variety of items in your home!

Dhaka Handicrafts is a fair trade company founded in 1976. They work with 1375 impoverished artisan families in Bangladesh to bring their traditional handcrafted items to the international marketplace. Over 90% of Dhaka's artisans are women. Women are encouraged in leadership and the artisans learn to be independent and have a voice. In some cases, the artisan  is the primary income earner in the family and her sustainable income, from the sales of handicrafts, often supports the family and finances children’s education.


Width: 18" (Inches)

Height: 29" (Inches)

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