About Us

220 Crowchild Trail NW


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Villages Calgary has been operated by the Global Village Crafts Society since 1984. To learn more about how we began as a small group of dedicated volunteers, visit our History Page.


As an organization, we are committed to:

  • To market quality products as a means of assisting the employment of financially underprivileged producers;
  • To market products that reflect and reinforce rich cultural traditions, that are environmentally sensitive, and which appeal to local consumers;
  • To increase availability of fair trade products;
  • To encourage our customers to learn about fair trade and to appreciate producers' cultural heritages;
  • To support producers who are bringing justice, hope, and peace to marginalized communities;
  • To trade with producer groups who pay fair wages and treat their members with fairness and respect;
  • To use resources carefully and value volunteers who work in the store; and
  • To annually set aside funds for projects in support of similar non-profit organizations.


Villages Calgary is a verified member in the Fair Trade Federation (FTF), and is committed to following nine key principles of Fair Trade.


FTF Principles

Learn more about the Fair Trade Federation principles at https://www.fairtradefederation.org/principles