Stone & Metal Sculpture - Babywearing Bicycle

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Zimbabwean artist Luke Jimu combines textured pale serpentine stone and recycled metal to portray scenes of every-day life. This sculpture portrays a parent cycling with a baby worn on their back, making a thoughtful gift or a beautiful home decoration.

Swahili Modern believes that adaptation helps traditional African craft forms thrive. Artisans can earn a living from the comfort of home by doing creative work, so they have options beyond seeking work in cities. Through export, skills inherited through generations, sometimes with deep-rooted cultural significance, continue to bring meaning, stability, and a sense of pride to entire communities.


Length: 7”

Width: 4.5"

Height: 8" 

Because this item is handcrafted, colours and designs may vary. Each piece is completely unique and might not exactly match the photo.

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