Organic Blueberry Lavender Black Tea 10ct

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Delicious, healthy, and convenient – with its eye-catching West Coast packaging, Tega Blueberry Lavender tea is a luxury organic black tea with organic Blueberries and Lavender flowers. Try hot or chilled as an iced tea.

Tega Organic Tea is on a mission to craft beautiful, healthy beverages that benefit the well being of people, communities and the planet. Tega Tea sources healthy, high-quality, organic ingredients and blend them into uniquely delicious flavours, ready to be enjoyed during any of life’s little moments. 

Brewing the Perfect Cup

HOT TEA: Steep 1 tea bag in boiling water for 3-4 minutes for a full flavour.

TEA SODA: For a refreshing twist, prepare as a hot tea and cool down by pouring over ice. Add carbonated water and fruit juice to taste. 

Ingredients: Black tea, Lemongrass, Sweet orange peels, Lavender flowers, Hibiscus flowers, Lemon peels, Rosehip berries, Natural & organic flavour, Blueberries

10 bags per package.

Net Weight: 20g

Tega Organic Tea is bringing awareness to the plight of endangered Southern resident orcas in the Pacific Northwest and donating 10% of net profits to Georgia Strait Alliance to support orca conservation.

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